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My Lexington Law Credit Repair Story

me-sashaA few years ago I found myself with bad credit that made it impossible to get a mortgage. We rented in a bad part of town and I knew I had to change things.

So I decided to embark on fixing my own credit and see where that got me. I actually became quite the credit repair expert. I downloaded tons of templates and fiddled around building my own dispute letter.

After months of getting nowhere (mostly because I just didn’t have the time or energy to put into it) I finally decided to give a credit repair law firm a shot. It just so
happens that I live down the street from Lexington Law Firm (in North Salt Lake, Utah).

my-credit-scoreImmediately after the first dispute cycle with Lexington Law, I started getting back results from the credit bureaus. Here is a screenshot of my actual score as it climbed higher every month:

As soon as my score reached 680 I was able to apply for a loan (at a really great rate!) I mean, who doesn’t want to take advantage of the low rates right now? I knew waiting around for 7 years wasn’t going to do me, or my family, any good. Lexington Law was the best decision of my life.

Pro Tip: Before you go sign up, talk with a Paralegal (free).

If you call the number below (and press 2) you can talk to one of Lexington Law Firm’s paralegals. Ask for a free credit consultation where you can ask questions about your credit and find out if you should even use Lexington at all. If you don’t feel right about it, no harm done. But a quick call can set your mind at ease if you have any questions about their credit repair service and what it can do for you.

Talk to a Lexington Law Credit Repair Expert right now.

In 5 minutes you could know if your credit can be fixed.

1 (855) 255-0459


So, a lot of people have asked me, besides my personal results, why do I emphatically recommend Lexington Law Firm? Well, it’s the results, stupid :) So I started sending some “numbers” around in emails that got their attention. Some of my credit-challenged friends wanted to know how Lexington Law compared to other companies that did credit repair.

After collecting all these numbers and results, I decided to make this review site. Since no one else posts their results, and won’t talk about actual numbers (they don’t have to legally), or give out how many employees they have, or how many lawyers work for them (if any at all) you kind of have to go off the assumption that they’re peanuts in comparison to Lexington Law.

Simply, here is what sets Lexington Law apart:


Lexington Law Total Deletions

Over 2.5 Million

With its proven tools and strategies, removing negative items is priority one for Lexington Law. In 2011 alone, clients saw 2,548,948 negative items removed from their credit reports. Source >

Lexington Law results

28.6 Removals

A 2006 study revealed that Concord-level clients had an average of 8.6 removals by the end of month 3 and 28.6 removals by the end of month 12 across their three reports. Source >

Lexington Law number of clients

Over 1/2 Million

Lexington Law has helped over 1/2 million clients address their credit issues by using their consumer rights. Source >

Lexington Law Years in Business


It’s been 22 years since Lexington Law added credit repair to its repertoire, and introduced its streamlined system that brought costs down drastically for its clients. Source >

Lexington Law Customer Service

7 Days a Week

Lexington’s customer service is open 7 days a week to answer any questions about your case. Source >

Lexington Law Client site
Client Site

24/7 Extranet

The client site is the industry’s most fully integrated dashboard that plugs right into your credit report and case history. Choose what items you want to dispute and leave the rest to Lexington Law. See a dashboard screenshot >

BBB logo
BBB Rating


When you’re the big dog on the street, you’re bound to get a couple complaints. To verify the BBB rating, click here >

Lexington Law Price

$59-$99 a Month

While not the lowest price in the business, they pretty much set the standard by which most others charge. Also a standard $99 “first work” fee. Lexington Law Credit Repair Service Levels >


Save $50

Sign up a family or household member within 72 hours of signing up, and each receive a one-time $50 savings. Redeem here >



  1. I tried to repair my credit on my own,I did’nt any where. So I called Lexingtion Law in October of 2012, With A credit score of 538. It cost $99.00 to join, I thouht to myself a little steep. I was willing to give them a try because,I am 52 yrs. and needed help with my credit.I almost stopped after two month’s,One of the nice’s Parllegal’s talk with me, said hang in their because you will see some big change’s. I’m glad I did my credit score now is 615. What a different’sThank You.

    • BUYER BEWARE!!! dont give them your credit card number!!!!!!

  2. Best decision ever!! Thank you Lexington! You guys ROCK!!! Each month 2 items are removed from my reports…I can’t wait until the end of the year and see TransUnion 0 Experian 0 and Equifax 0!! I have complete faith in Lexington…

  3. I am only 1 month in & had 4 items removed. I was so skeptical at first but I already am seeing a credit score improvement. The best part is, when I get confused, I call someone right up & they explain anything I need without making me feel dumb. Everyone is so smart & so nice. This feels like the best $99 a month that I ever spent!!!

    • I think Lexington Law is a RIP OFF….I paid over $800 and Now
      have a Worse Credit Score….For me they did NOTHING

      • thay is not a ripoff thay is very good at what thay do i know. thay clean my credit my score is 790

  4. I been with Lexington Law for one month and I have ready see 5 items removed from my credit. I am very Happy with Lexington Law. I have 4 item removed with Equifax, 5 with Trans Union and 2 with Expirian. Thank You Lexington Law.

  5. I had used lexington for almost 2 yrs. had a tax lein that was almost yrs old. they could never get the item removed. Ha some other items with in accurate info and they could never remove it also. I removed more items myself by just simply disputing the items myself.

  6. After trying to fix my own credit for a couple years and getting nowhere I decided to give Lexington a try, I figured I didn’t have anything to lose since both my husband and I joined it was 50% off, within two months I have a great report and my husbands score shot up 100 points! We qualified for a home loan this past week and we have Lexington to thank!

  7. Lexington Law is the best! I actually started working with them years ago when they were fairly unknown. Once my credit improved I stopped using their services. Tragically, some years later my husband was killed in a car accident and I lost everything. my home ,car, money, and credit rating. To top things off we had a 3 year old son I had to now support on my own. I have since reapplied to be a client to get things back on track and the results are amazing. I will always be grateful to Lexington Law for helping me take care of my son.

  8. I am so glad I chose Lexington I have been with them one month I had 4 deleted from equifax 2 experians 2 trans union. I can’t wait to see what will happen the second month. I highly recommend anyone stuggling with your credit to give Lexington a call it really is worth that $99 dollar a month. Thank you Lexington Law.

  9. I have only been with Lexington Law a few weeks and already have had 8 items removed from my credit reports. My credit scores have already gone up. Thanks Lexington Law.

  10. My credit history was a disaster I had a score of 510 and of to date my score is 630. Stick with these guys you will get positive results. Thank you Lexington Law.

  11. Ive been with lexington law for a year and a half now and i def try and recommend them to all my friends with credit trouble! Like most people i wanted to buy a house and when i pulled my credit report i had a score of 592 and pretty much every bank laughed me out of the building! Lexington law has removed 13 negative items with equifax, 13 from experian, and 15 from transunion. My credit scores now are 761,824,836. I couldnt be happier with what lecington law did for me and people with credit problems should def consider this company!

  12. So far I’m very pleased with Lexington Law Firm!! They keep you posted and after the first 3 weeks of signing up the consultants were sending out letters on my behalf, the price is a little high but worth it especially when I don’t have the time to do it myself. <3

  13. I tried Lexington for a year and I improved about 100 ponts. I recommended them to my friends with bad credit. Never tried anyone else tho

  14. I guess you could say Lexington did a pretty decent job, but it cost more than I expected. $99 to sign up, $59 a month and I stayed with them for 10 months (11th month was charged but I talked to them and they refunded). Credit score improved a bit (40 points?) to around 640. I did get a loan at a decent rate, which is what I started out to do. So money well spent there. Before I started with LExington there was a lawyer who said he could fix my credit for around $4,500 – so I guess I would say Lexington was a good deal in the end.

  15. Started in June with Lexington Law. Totally screwed credit score of 580 due to numerous negatives from to divorce, bankruptcy and hard times in general. Three months later SIXTEEN that’s 16 items removed and a credit score of 697 that is steadily rising. Still have a long way to go. I never would have had the time or the know how to do what Lexington has done in this short time. All I can say is that it is worth every penny spent.

  16. Good morning everyone, I went through a few years of hardship. I had ended up with a 525 credit score.. I worked on my credit over and over again and again. I was not even making a dent. So i decided to check on line for a company that will help to repair credit. At this point cost was not even measured. I went to the web and the first company that came up was Lexington Law. I called them and made the plunge. in 3 months I was at 740. I started in October 1 and by the end of February. I was at an 860. No BS folks. I have since turned this firm on to several of my friends and family. They are also seeing results in a positive way. You will never know if you don’t take the plung. What have you got to lose. You are already in bad shape. Give it a try. You don’t like it, then just cancel.

  17. heres my story. lexington law called me just at the time of my mother and fathers passing. it is…now presently the most terrible time in my life as to I am doing all of the arrangments and have been a caretaker for 30 years, and I own a non profit animal shelter housing 150 abused animals. needless to say, I have no time, and I am disabled myself. They called me on a chance that I had encountered them from a real estate listing. I talked with them for about 15 minutes, I ran out of time, but I did join. I figured, I had nothing to loose.I HAVE NEVER EVEN LOGGED ON TO THE SITE MY ACCOUNT, SPOKEN TO ANYONE OR PERSUED ANYTHING. from lack of time and will. I get emails daily, saying “good news!” your credit score has improved, and things have been removed from experian, trans.etc. and your rating is improving. now, to me, that is an outstanding company. I left it alone, and as promised, they just proceeded in doing what they said they would do…fix my credit, and they are. It has only been 2.5 months, and I want to recommend them to everyone, cept, I have to log in first, I guess. not only are they helping my personal credit, but they are helping save the lives of 150 abused animals so that we can get them better housing. someone forward this to lexington, if you know how. sincerely, kelly wojdyla

  18. I been with Lexington law for about a year they took off 24 things off my credit that is a lot you guys are great I try to do it myself but there is so much to know but Lexington is right on it it is nice to know that there are people out there that well you help you thank you again Lexington law

  19. I signed up for Lexington Law in October. It is now July. I don’t want to put my business out there but Lexington removed 41 out of 50 items from my report. Granted some of those are repeats in different boroughs. I pay $99 a months. The last few accounts must be a little tricky because they are taking the longest. I also signed up for a $300 prepaid credit card with Firstprogress. Both of these actions have raised my credit substantially. I recently was able to buy a new car and am currently working towards buying a house. Lexington removed a ten year, two ton weight from my shoulders.

  20. Started with LL with 548 credit score, my credit was mess , i got immediate results within month. My credit score after 6 months with them is : TU 702. EQ 698. EX 662 . Can not be happier. From 23 negatives 20 is removed and only three items left with experian . Experian takes little more time as i was told by lex law. Thank you LL , best decision i ever made , life is much easier.

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